An Artistic Legacy – New Sculptures

We are delighted to unveil three remarkable new sculptures to celebrate creativity and commemorate the centenary of our School. The sculptures have been specially designed by gifted artists, Andre Sardone, Ben Fasham (Class of 1994) and Cameron Moorhouse (Class of 2016).

Each unique sculpture tells a different story but with a common theme of evolution, growth and change. They are a captivating addition to our already beautiful campus and together leave a meaningful and lasting legacy as we continually reshape our School for the benefit of current and future generations.

We thank our artists for their incredible contribution, together with our Parents & Friends group for their very generous support of this project.

These stunning installations will serve as stimulation to generations of students and, hopefully, become the catalyst for a sculpture walk taking in some of the School鈥檚 existing sculptures, leading across the campus as well as Shoreham and Keysborough in future years.

1. A story of one鈥檚 voyage By Cameron Moorhouse (Class of 2016) – Picture聽#1

Forever changing yet always recognisable; it is here that the foundations of your character, skill and scholar will be forged. Like navigating a river, steer your ship as you so choose and take whatever opportunities that come your way for your time here will one day come to an end.

2. Mega Pod By Andre Sardone – Picture聽#2

Seed pods have evolved to thrive in different environments and are crucial for the survival and reproduction of many species. This piece reflects upon the interconnectedness of our world and the constant process of growth and change.

3. Evolving 鈥淭he Flag Pole鈥 By Ben Fasham (Class of 1994) – Picture聽#3

The spike represents what we aspire to achieve and how the school and school community shape the student鈥檚 future. The three main shapes represent the Preschool, Junior School and Senior School. The sphere represents the core values of the school being respect, caring, resilience, service, discipline, endeavour and integrity.